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In order to ensure that districts do not lose sight of the importance of maintaining a commitment to implementing TEKS Resource System with fidelity. Included in the ongoing multi-year support section of the guide are guidelines for Capacity Teams, Professional Learning Community guidelines, a curriculum monitoring tool, and matrices that will allow the district to determine the effectiveness of the implementation process.

Maintain Emphasis on Continuous Improvement Actions

Debrief Capacity Team input

Monitor Curriculum/Ensure Implementation Fidelity Actions

  • YAG - pacing
  • IFD - Instructional Planning
  • Assessments - Performance Feedback

Questions to Consider

  • How will we onboard new teachers into the system?
  • How will we respond to Capacity Team input?
  • How do we address teachers not following scope and sequence?
  • What is the structure of our PLCs?
  • What is our data analysis protocol?
Select a Central Office Curriculum Implementation Process