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The Pre-Implementation Guide for Central Office contains all of the information that should be considered by district leaders prior to TEKS R/S implementation. Included in this portion of the guide are considerations, action steps, suggested trainings, as well as an informational video that can be shared with all stakeholders. For optimal implementation results, it is recommended that all facets of the pre-implementation guide for central office be put into action. In addition, school board and parent information presentations are also included.

Lay the Foundation Actions

Provide an Overview of System Components for Decision Makers

Design a Plan Actions

Set Up Site and System Users

Communicate & Create Awareness Actions

Design plan to create awareness for teachers and principals

Questions to Consider

  • Will the campus self-facilitate the process or will they partner with an ESC?
  • How will the stakeholders be notified of the curriculum implementation plan?
  • Timeline for implementation and teacher induction?
Select a Central Office Curriculum Implementation Process