World Languages Curriculum Framework

The purpose of the World Language Curriculum Framework is to provide Texas LOTE teachers with a TEKS-aligned pathway to develop student language performance and communication in the target language at a specified proficiency level.

The framework contains:

  • Year at a Glance (YAG) document
  • Six thematic units for Levels I, II, and III
  • Three example, summative performance assessments per unit

To implement the curriculum successfully, it is recommended that teacher users and campus administrators who support World Language programs engage in pre-learning develop the knowledge and skills needed for planning, instruction, and assessment.    

For more information about implementation success criteria, how to read a thematic unit, and how to plan for learning on a monthly instructional calendar, please view our training videos.  For virtual synchronous and/or in-person training, please contact Meredith Clark at

A note on assessments:  Sample assessment tasks for each mode of communication are linked in each unit document to serve as examples.  When implementing the assessments, teacher users may use the exemplar prompts for interpersonal and presentational modes; however, in the case of interpretive mode, teachers will need to select their own target language, authentic texts and craft questions aligned to the student expectations in the TEKS.